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17 Jan 2019

  • BIOM5800/BIOM6800/BMG6996 will be co-ordinated by Prof Xudong Cao this winter.
  • If you intend to present a seminar in the winter of 2019, please submit an Abstract submission form by 31 January 2019. Please email Prof Cao at the completed form with a cc to your supervisor and a statement that your supervisor has approved of your abstract. Please note that student seminars are scheduled in the reverse order in which Abstract submission forms are received.
  • OCIBME students: Do not forget to register for this course to get the credit. Seminar attendance and/or presentation without the course registration will NOT normally be counted toward the credit.
  • Please note that credit is not normally given for attending the day of your own seminar.
  • Seminars for the Winter 2019 term are being scheduled now. Please watch the space below.
  • If you have any questions, contact Prof Cao at

Latest news

Winter 2019
Date Time Room Presenter Title
30 Jan 2019 18h00—19h00 ME4359
Adrian Chan
Professor, Carleton U
Big Data in Biomedical Engineering: A Quality Presentation
31 Jan 2019 14h30—16h00 MNO E218
Elliot Yeung
(Master’s candidate)
Drashti Thaker
(Master’s candidate)
7 Feb 2019 14h30—16h00 MNO E218
Cat Czyrnyj
(Ph.D. candidate)
Ashley Mazurkiewicz (Master’s candidate)
14 Feb 2019 14h30—16h00 MNO E218
Yasmina Souley Dosso
(Ph.D. candidate)
21 Feb 2019 14h30—16h00 No meeting
(Reading Week)
28 Feb 2019 14h30—16h00 MNO E218
Aishwarya Purohit
(Master’s candidate)
Kyla Wilson
(Master’s candidate)
7 Mar 2019 14h30—16h00 MNO E218
Ogochukwu Egolum
(Master’s candidate)
Tarek Nasser El Harake (Master’s candidate)
14 Mar 2019 14h30—16h00 MNO E218
Sai Kiran Mayee Vadrevu
(Master’s candidate)
Shuying Li
(Master’s candidate)
21 Mar 2019 14h30—16h00 MNO E218
Bethany Cseke
(Master’s candidate)
Calvin Jary
(PhD’s candidate)
28 Mar 2019 14h30—16h00 MNO E218
Noor Ghadie
(Master’s candidate)
Bruno Monteiro Rocha Lima
(Master’s candidate)
4 Apr 2019 14h30—16h00 MNO E218
Naveena Janakiraman Narayanan
(Master’s candidate)
Karan Dhingra
(Master’s candidate)
Fall 2018
Date Time Room Presenter Title
12 Sep 2018 13h00—14h30 No meeting
21 Sep 2018 14h30—15h30 ME4359 J Max Cortner
IEEE I&M Society President
Medical Device Test Strategies
3 Oct 2018 13h00—14h30 LEEC204 Shahin Basiratzadeh (Master's candidate) Title (TBD)
Holly McCulloch (Master's candidate) Title (TBD)
10 Oct 2018 14h30—15h30 LEEC204 Ron Beleno
OCIBME special seminar
17 Oct 2018 13h00—14h30 LEEC204 Mugdha S Manerkar (Master's candidate) Title (TBD)
Andrew Irwin (Master's candidate) Title (TBD)
24 Oct 2018 13h00—14h30 No meeting
Reading Week
31 Oct 2018 13h00—14h30 LEEC204 Laurie Temgoua-Nguimfack (Master's candidate) Title (TBD)
Odai Salman (Ph.D. candidate) Title (TBD)
7 Nov 2018 13h00—14h30 LEEC204 Kyla Wilson (Master's candidate) Title (TBD)
Rong Yang (Master's candidate) Title (TBD)
14 Nov 2018 13h00—14h30 LEEC204 Qi Chu (Master's candidate) Title (TBD)
Yangyu Shi (Master's candidate) Title (TBD)
21 Nov 2018 13h00—14h30 LEEC204 TBD Title (TBD)
TBD Title (TBD)
28 Nov 2018 13h00—14h30 LEEC204 TBD Title (TBD)
TBD Title (TBD)

Student presentations:

  • The presentation is 15 min (maximum) and question/discussion is 5 min (total 20min for each presenter).

  • The 15 minute time is the maximum. Presentations will be stopped at 17 minutes.

  • The seminar room has a PC that you can use, or you can bring your own laptop and VGA cable.

  • Please forward your presentation file to the instructor (in pdf, ppt or pptx) at least 1 day prior to your seminar so that it can be pre-loaded on the course network drive.

Latest news

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Calendar Description

BIOM 5800 [0.0 credit] (BMG 6996) Biomedical Engineering Seminar This course is in the form of seminars presented by graduate students and other researchers in the area of Biomedical Engineering. To complete this course, a student must attend at least 10 seminars and make one presentation in the context of this seminar series.

BIOM 6800 [0.0 credit] Biomedical Engineering PhD Seminar This course is in the form of seminars presented by graduate students and other researchers in the area of Biomedical Engineering. *This is a mandatory course for the OCIBME graduate program and all students must register in this course in both fall and winter semesters until completion of all course requirements. A seminar attendance without registration is not counted for the credit.

(1) Attendance at Seminars:
Students must attend at least 10 seminars. Seminars will be announced on the course website. The schedule may vary depending on availability of speakers and it typically takes multiple terms for a student to attend 10 seminars.

In addition to attending official BIOM5800/BIOM6800/BMG6996 seminars, attendance at other biomedical related seminars, workshops and conferences may be counted towards the course attendance requirement. Such activities must be approved in advance by the academic advisor/supervisor or course coordinator. A short report (one page) together with the relevant event program must be submitted to the course coordinator by the student to receive credit. In the report, you may outline the talk, describe specific points in detail which you are impressed with, and add your comments on the talk. Copy and paste of the given abstract is NOT acceptable. The report form is available here (note that this report is only required for students wishing to receive credit for attending biomedical events outside of BIOM5800/BIOM6800/BMG6996). Note that credit is normally only given for one 'unofficial' seminar during their program.

(2) Student Presentation:
Students are expected to make a presentation during the second year of their program, typically in the fall semester. Students can present either their own thesis research or report reviewing an advanced technology in biomedical engineering (either related to the student's thesis research or not). In either case, the topic and abstract must be approved by the academic advisor/supervisor and must not have been previously presented in other courses by the student.

If students choose to present a review on advanced technology, you should select a topic relevant to biomedical engineering and present a critical analysis of the state of the art, perhaps focusing on emerging techniques. You should typically be reviewing 3-5 recent publications, along with supporting general background reference materials, to create your presentation. This is not simply a summary of a few articles; your own critical analysis of the field is essential for a successful seminar. See the course syllabus for guidance of a good seminar.

The abstract submission form should be sent by email to Prof Cao at by the due date posted on this course website. Please cc your supervisor to indicate that s/he has agreed to your topic and abstract.

Students will typically enroll each fall and winter term until they complete all course requirements. Your grade will be "in progress" or "continuing" until it changes to "satisfactory". Once you complete all requirements and obtain the grade of SAT, you should stop registering in the course.

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