International Students

An International Student is a Non-Canadian Resident who needs a student's visa to study in Canada.

This Institute receives a large number of applications each year from well-qualified international students for an extremely limited number of positions. Only students who are in the top 5% of their graduating class and fulfilling all the requirements should consider applying.

The academic year starts in September and students generally first register in the Fall semester. To indicate relative time guidelines applicants should note that, depending upon their country of application, it can take up to 6 months or more to obtain a visa to study in Canada which will not be issued without an official letter of acceptance from the university of the supervisor and evidence of adequate financial support. The universities and/or the individual professors generally make their decisions concerning financial support/aid by the middle of April.

For registration in September, in most cases the student's file should be complete by March 1st. Other applicants will be processed but will have little prospect of receiving financial support.

Visa students studying in Ontario are charged tuition fees of approximately $20−25,000 per year. (See Carleton University or The University of Ottawa tuition page for more accurate information.) We estimate that a Visa student will need a minimum of $37,000 (Canadian funds) per annum to cover tuition and living expenses. Visa students may work in Canada only as teaching and research assistants in the universities where they are enrolled.

Please contact us at if you have international admissions inquiries and your email will be responded to promptly.

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